Sprinklers Save Lives!

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It’s probably safe to say that many people these days know the value of fire sprinkler systems. They are after all the first line of defence against the devastation caused by fire, and have helped to avoid many potential tragedies. Their activation allows people vital time to escape the building, and they have proved their worth by their efficiency.

A fire sprinkler ensures that an appropriate amount of water is applied should fire break out, to extinguish the flames. This blocks the fire from spreading to other areas of the room or building. Each setting requires a particular type of sprinkler system in order to provide the ideal protection. There are the most common wet pipe systems, dry pipe, pre-action, deluge, foam water, water spray and water mist systems.

The positioning and number of sprinkler heads is important within any given space, as they should be able to reach all areas of a room. In commercial environments, rooms on each floor should have sprinklers fitted regardless of their purpose. Fire sprinklers have been responsible for saving many lives over the years, but they need to be properly serviced and maintained. There are countless examples of workers discovering the wet and extinguished remains of a failed fire outbreak, due to a nearby sprinkler. Recent events have tragically highlighted the urgent need for these systems in multi occupancy residences.

Fires can cost lives and also livelihoods, and sprinkler systems are seen as a major way to reduce this risk. London Fire Brigade (LFB) commissioner Dany Cotton, and The Deputy Mayor for fire and resilience, have appealed to the government asking them to ‘tighten up’ building regulations. They strongly request this action to prioritise the need for mandatory fire sprinklers. Additionally they are asking for the shortage of skilled fire engineers to be addressed.

Specialists in fire prevention Fire Logistics Limited, can advise on any aspect of fire sprinklers installation, service and maintenance. They are leaders in their field and offer high quality fire fighting products along with expert fire safety training.

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