Should You Change Your Job?

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Is there a secret to finding the perfect job? Well maybe not one fail safe rule for getting the role you desire, but there are certainly positive steps you can take. Sometimes too much of a closed mind can get in the way of career happiness. Widening your horizons can result in a lot more choice, and you could end up incredibly happy in a position you had never considered in Chelmsford or Wickford.

People sometimes look at a particular job and decide it’s for them, without knowing all about the role. They are then uninterested in the possibility of other opportunities, which could be ideal. Even highly qualified people can fall into this trap, leading to frustration and disappointment. Many positions achieve a happy medium, with some parts of the job extremely enjoyable while others are a bit of a pain.

Try not to focus on big name companies, getting a job with Apple or Google might impress your friends, but may not be the best fit for you. There are so many great companies to work for out there, it’s a mistake to limit yourself. Feeling proud for 5 minutes as you tell others who you work for, is no match for feeling happy and contented every day at work. You are likely to find that being more open minded about the type of job you are prepared to apply for magically opens doors.

There are many reasons for wanting to further your career or even change direction and follow a completely different course. It could be a matter of finance, job satisfaction, personality clashes, travel, boredom, more perks and any number of other reasons. It is a fact that people change their jobs more often nowadays than in the past. Although, this does not happen where people are happy and settled with their current employer.

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