National Air Conditioning and Air Source Heat Pumps

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Brookfield Consultancy has helped to guide Turn Key Air Conditioning to a strong position in the UK Air Conditioning sector. TKAC began life as an air conditioning specialist in the North East region. The company from an early stage has nurtured close relationships with its major suppliers, most notably Mitsubishi Electric. TKAC has been awarded Business Partner status with Mitsubishi Electric and the partnership presents as one unit in important strategic discussions with major client groups. This partnership is fast tracked into numerous projects in selected sectors such as leisure and hospitality.

In such sectors, uninterrupted occupancy is a key client requirement. In collaboration with end users, TKAC and ME have honed a process for delivering projects within very tight time frames, with minimum guest disruption.

See Turn Key Air Conditioning Projects page for details.

International Waste Food De-Packaging Equipment

The spotlight is currently strongly focused on plastic packaging, on a local and also international basis. Brookfield Consultancy client Waste Food Solutions has recently completed the sale and commissioning of de-packaging units in Spain, Lithuania and Norway. These international success stories are the result of a long term campaign of international brand awareness.

WFS has built up an impressive contact database of users for the plastic, board and paper waste packaging, and also for the de-packaged food – which is in high demand as animal feed.

Wherever possible, the plastic packaging is fed back into the plastics product chain. Where this is not technically possible it is incinerated and the energy converted to heat.

In addition to machinery sales, an additional revenue stream has been nurtured and brought online. This is contract de-packaging. Many clients prefer not to have a ‘hands on’ involvement in the de-packaging process. Guided by Brookfield Consultancy, this steady revenue stream now accounts for a significant share of the Waste Feed Solutions revenue.

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