Fancy a Therapy Pool?

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As health professionals everywhere know, the role played by water in physical therapy cannot be underestimated. People of all ages who have suffered injury can recover a lot faster if they carry out regular rehabilitation and exercise in water. Recovery is speedier and pain is reduced through this method, and there are many other physical and mental benefits!

1. Hydrostatic Pressure

Water acts like a compression bandage for the entire body in a process called hydrostatic pressure. This soothes and relieves chronic muscle pain, as well as forcing the heart and lungs to work harder.

2. Exercise Underwater

Exercising or carrying out other activities in water such as swimming, create water resistance which provide some of the best workouts possible. Each motion requires additional energy exertion when performed under water.

3. Effective Aquatic Therapy

Therapists are able to gain better access in water, as they can swim around you working on many parts of the body for a more effective result. This is in sharp contrast to lying on a bed or table, and being required to turn over etc.

4. Circulation Improvement

Warm water surrounding the body promotes healthy circulation, increasing blood flow to the limbs, allowing oxygen rich blood to reach every part of the body.

5. Relaxed Muscles

Water therapy helps to relax the muscles, reducing soreness caused by lactic acid build up, it also avoids accidental injury or strain from over-training.

6. Natural Massage

The movement of water over the body delivers a gentle massage, encouraging proper circulation, which is why a bath is the go to experience for many after a stressful or tiring day.

7. Feel Amazing

Last but not least, it just feels great bobbing about in the water, it does an excellent job of raising the spirits, which in turn contributes to any healing process.

As you can see water therapy really does benefit the body and mind, and the advantages are almost endless. You can own your very own therapy pool, and have access to all of the incredible benefits water offers, as often as you like. Call specialists Pool Maintenance on 01457 765533 or 07748 908201 to find out more about therapy pools.

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