Exciting Opportunities Within the Steel Industry

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Ricon RecruitmentJobs within the UK steel industry are sought after by those who enjoy learning a hands on skill. There are a wide variety of roles related to the industry apart from forging, such as fabrication work.

Steel Fabrication

Fabrication underpins the industry, working basic steel sections into a range of simple or complex shapes. As well as an aptitude for attention to detail this job requires knowledge in systems such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Fabrication is one of the largest sectors within steel working, and great for anyone who likes a challenge.


Another skilled job, is welding of various forms, joining two separate parts of metal into one strong and permanent whole. An integral part of steel working, and one which always requires manual strengths.


Using either hand tools or machines these workers modify the steel and give it a new form for a massive range of uses. Jobs can range from large operations to small modifications.


Processing steel fabrications can include coating, which treats the surface of the steel product for its specific purpose. One of these processes is called galvanising, which protects the outer shell of the steel from corrosion etc.

Computer Numerical Control

There are many Computer Numerical Control [CNC] jobs available. CNC means converting a Computer-Aided Design [CAD] into numbers. This controls precise cutter movements when shaping material. Related jobs include CNC Turner, CNC Miller, CNC Programmer and CNC Machinist.

Sales Rep

The steel industry has many sales representatives, with a sound knowledge of steel components etc. Working as a store person could also be your way into the steel industry, finding out about the various types of steel along the way.

Structural engineering

Those with engineering degrees, may be interested in structural engineering as a career. An in depth knowledge of engineering, design and physics can lead to work designing buildings, bridges, tunnels, ships, vehicles and work equipment. They often consult with architects, and design and build specialists.

Ricon Recruitment can help with your choice, and have quite an insight into the steel industry, especially as Salford Engineering is their associate business.

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