Ease Computer Back Pain

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Most of us use and in fact rely on our digital gadgets, and computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones are a staple daily tool. Whether it’s for work, play or socialising not many of us could do without these appendages. Unfortunately this close relationship is not problem free, and as a result of long term use we can suffer all kinds of physical issues. From muscle and joint pain to aching backs and eye strain our lives are affected in more ways than one. There are ways to avoid this type of injury though, by using the correct furniture, keeping your posture in mind and how often you take a rest break.

Common computer related injuries include back, neck shoulder and arm pain. Sitting for long periods can cause stiffness and pain, it also reduces blood flow around the body. Believe it or not, sitting can eventually put stress on muscles and joints. Some ways to reduce the risk of computer related injuries are:-

  • Sit at a specially designed computer desk
  • Make sure the monitor is at eye level or slightly lower.
  • Your keyboard height should let your elbows rest
  • comfortably at your sides and forearms should be
  • roughly parallel with the floor.
  • Have feet flat on the floor.
  • Use a specially designed, ergonomic chair and keyboard.
  • Take short breaks frequently, stand, walk around, stretch.

Laptops cause similar problems with continual use, stemming from a hunched over position. It doesn’t help that the keyboard and screen are very close together. So:-

  • Try to sit at a desk while using your laptop.
  • Use your laptop with a separate keyboard, mouse or
  • laptop stand.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Check you are sitting up straight.
  • Purchase an Ergo Q or similar.

An Ergo Q transforms any laptop into a raised VDU screen, and can help with many of the negative aspects of laptop computer use. Specialist Physiotherapists like Sports & Spinal Physio, agree these gadgets are a good idea in the long run.

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