Client Process

Getting Started

The roadmap to each of our client’s investment strategies is as custom and complex as each of their lives. Before we can get started, we need to determine where you’ve been, where you are now and where you need to go. With BC Investment Advisors as your personal guide, we’ll help build a map that helps you get where you want to be.

BC Investment Advisors Ltd. client process

For Individuals

For Businesses & Institutions

Step 1: The First Appointment

Understanding the big picture is at the core of our approach. We ask many questions, identify your objectives, and learn about your goals to develop an investment plan that gives you confidence.

Step 1: The First Appointment

Our institutional investment process starts the same way as any of our engagements, no matter the size of your institution. We meet with your board of trustees, consultants, or investment committee to understand your unique objectives and goals.

Step 2: Request Client Info

We start piecing together your investment plan by assessing your financial statements, risk tolerance, exploring your professional pursuits, charitable interests, and personal relationships.

Step 2: Gather Documents

We’ll reach out to the necessary parties to collect trust statements, plan documentation, adoption agreements, investment policy statements, and anything else we need to understand your needs further.

Step 3: Write Investment Plan

Based on our analysis of your unique goals and aspirations, we craft a customized plan just for you. Your plan is structured so you can live the life you’ve always desired – today and well into retirement.

Step 3: Current Plan Analysis & Proposal

We dig deep into analyzing your current plan and try to find ways to improve your investment lineup. Based on our analysis, we’ll create a comprehensive proposal that aligns your investments with the goals of your company and your employee base while staying in compliance with current regulations.

Step 4: Start Our Relationship

Your advisor presents their findings, discusses their recommendations, and responds to any questions you might have about your plan. If everything is in order, we’ll move forward with the plan. We want to make sure your investment plan aligns with your goals.

Step 4: Present the Plan

With our plan ready to get to work, we meet with your investment committee to discuss key findings and review our offering in more detail. We’ll make any adjustments as needed and address any questions you might have. If everything is correct, we’ll move forward.

Step 5: Ongoing Review

Even a great plan needs adjusting. As your life goes on, the market twists and turns, and goals change. We’ll help you make smart decisions to keep your investment strategy on track.

Step 5: Ongoing Governance

We maintain a policy of open communication throughout our relationship together. In addition to monitoring service providers and conducting quarterly review meetings, our team is uniquely able to help participants address financial concerns and provide the guidance they need to realize their goals.