Business Plan Development

A business plan is a fundamental requirement for all new businesses. For new starters, we place as much importance on the process of developing the business plan as we do on the contents of the document itself.

Many new starters expect the process to be daunting, and undergo the process under duress. We have developed a very simple business plan structure designed to encourage the business owners to consider all aspects of the business before starting.

We use this structure to develop a business plan which will become a live, working document, used to help the processes of driving and also controlling the business.

A business plan is a pre-requisite for all types of funding. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive business plan with the aim of achieving a specific objective, such as securing start up funds.

Marketing Strategy

It is not unusual to find that a new start business has an overall business plan but the business is failing to achieve the forecast level of sales activity. We will analyse your market situation and work with your people to define what is realistically achievable in the market, together with the required actions to deliver the agreed target results.

Established Businesses

  • Funding to develop new products or processes.
  • Adding new dimensions to sales activity and business development.
  • Training of management in specific managerial skills.