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Proprietor David Clough has considerable experience as a director of businesses in the chemicals, polymers, composites, capital equipment, IT and education sectors.
He has particular experience as managing director of UK based subsidiaries of multinational parent companies and is very familiar with the communication and reporting issues involved in the integration of such operations within the parent group. As a member of the executive team of a major multinational he was a contributor in the formulation of a strategy aimed at enabling the group to compete effectively on a global basis.

David was awarded the Diploma of the Institute of Directors at the University of Salford. Having established Brookfield Consultancy he took on the consultancy role of business mentor for the spin out businesses from the University, working alongside the University Business Support Team.

This role involves working with students, graduates and staff to establish businesses to exploit the intellectual property within the University.

Application areas include:

  • Wind farm technology.
  • Virtual learning environments and HR development.
  • Computer integrated telephony.
  • Computer networking.
  • Management training and development.
  • Art – fine, sculpture, photography.
  • Language translations.
  • Educational games.
  • Neural network technologies.

We also work with clients in a wide range of activities, helping them with the planning and the implementation of business development. We are very strongly focussed on working up plans that deliver results. Please see our Services Page for more details.

Autus Web Design & Marketing

David is proprietor of Autus Web Design & Marketing. Autus specialises in the following web related activities:-

  • Website Design for SMEs. Most small and medium sized businesses will benefit from a website. It is vitally important that the objective of the website is agreed at the outset and this objective must involve the support of the business’s marketing strategy. Many SMEs websites fail to do this and unfortunately, what ought to be a worthwhile investment transpires to be a waste of money.
  • E-commerce Websites. Autus develops e-commerce websites for a range of businesses. Many business support organisations promote e-com websites as essential for retail activities. Whilst an e-com website can be a very profitable asset, many fail. This is due to a lack of appreciation of the list of requirements for such a website to succeed. Prominent on that list is a well thought through Search Engine Optimisation package. For more details please see E-Commerce.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. Every Autus business website is launched with an appropriate SEO package. Businesses must appreciate that launching a website without the right SEO package is like filling a shop window and then leaving the shutters down. Please see Essential SEO.
  • Website Reclamation. In today’s difficult trading conditions, many companies are reviewing their marketing expenditure. Many are slashing telephone directory subscriptions or eliminating them totally. The effectiveness of the company website is also being questioned and rightly so. Many companies are now asking Autus to review their website and make modifications to improve the customer response to it. The annual cost of hosting, maintaining and promoting a website is very low compared to other forms of promotion. For more details please see Website Reclamation.


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